Madelene's super smoothie

Pea Protein Smoothie with Nuts and Fruit on a chopping board

Another submission from one of our favourite customers!


Madelene's favourite breakfast recipe. "It easily keeps me going until lunch time and beyond."


Super Smoothie


250mls soy or almond milk

2 T peanut butter

1 banana

2 heaped T Noode protein powder 

5 Brazil nuts


Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. So quick and easy!


This recipe is so versatile.

  •  If you need more sustenance, add 1/8 c quick oats
  •  I use Brazil nuts for magnesium but you can add any nuts or seeds (just remember linseed and chia will make the smoothie very thick!)
  • You can add any other fruit you like (mango is super good!)

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