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Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Anita Gray (Auckland, NZ)
Yummy smoothie

It’s so tasty and doing me good at the same time

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG - 2 Pack
Julie Stewart (Christchurch, NZ)

Great product works out more economical purchasing 2 pack. Have always liked the protein products

Collagen Sample Pack
Kass (Auckland, NZ)
Loved! easy to dissolve

Loved this sample pack helped me decide what flavour I love . I found that it dissolved a lot better than other powders I’ve tried.

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g
Margy Mare (Featherston, NZ)

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g

Tastes delicious

Nice tasting healthy protein powder. That I use in smoothies, protein slices, protein pancakes. Highly recommended

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Luke Potts (Dunedin, NZ)

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Melissa (Auckland, NZ)
Love it!

I re-order the caramel flavour each month and absolutely love it. It pairs well with cinnamon or cocoa added into the mix. Love it after the gym or as an occasional meal replacement. Thanks Noode.

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Gary Patterson (Invercargill, NZ)

Quick delivery, the protein powder was perfect, and super low in salt compared to other competitors products. Thanks

Collagen and Protein Sample Pack
Leah James (Tauranga, NZ)
Protein and Collagen sample packs

Absolutely beautiful products!
The texture is lovely and smooth, the flavours are nice and rich and the carbs are delightfully low.

I’ve been using both in my baking or smoothies and they’re delish!

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product!!

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG - 3 Pack
Melanie Winter (Christchurch, NZ)
Yum & Great Value

Very tasty. Not too sweet like some powders. Better value for money than the previous powders I was buying. Made in Nz is important, too!


The scoop is really handy. It is well made and easy to use. Nice to have.

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g
Susin O'Neale (Palmerston North, NZ)

I had run out of your product, cost is sometimes an issue fir me however I notice a difference in my general well being within days of getting started on it again.

Natural Pea Protein Sample Pack
Carrie Chasan (Christchurch, NZ)

I bought the sample packs. The taste was terrible ever since I had tried several protein power brands. I had one sip and couldn't continue drinking because its taste was bitter after drink, so I throw them in the bin. Sorry.

Protein and Collagen bundle

I’ve tried a lot of protein over the years and have been taking this Protein for a couple of years now and love all the flavours. Mixes well in either milk or water. The Collagen is a great product that I have added into my protein routine every day. Great products

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Barb Baker (Cambridge, NZ)

It’s easy to digest and keeps you from feeling hungry

Natural pea protein sample pack

I usually buy the vanilla pea protein powder, but when I tried the other samples I was stunned at how equally delicious they all were! I honestly don't know which one I am going to buy next time. A fantastic product, each flavour being well worth buying.

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g
Mandy Harding (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Love it.

I have arthritis and I've been taking this for 14 days and alot of my aches and pains are gone or at least eased. I do take more than the amount in the directions though. def buying again

Protein powder

I highly recommend this wonderful product, and have enjoyed all of the flavours. They are delicious! It has been hard to choose a favorite! Apart from its energy giving properties, my general health has greatly improved since purchasing this product. I'm thrilled to have found the Noode brand, in fact the protein powder came to my attention, recommended by someone else!

Excellent marine collagen

I have been taking this marine collagen for over a year now and my hair is finally growing long, my nails are growing incredibly strong and my skin is glowing.
It is very easy to take each morning in my coffee.

Nice product

I just take it with water and doesn't have a strong flavour, easy to digest and much less sodium than the most of the protein powders. Happy customer.

Great product

I’ve been taking this product for a couple of years now and am still loving it! Great flavours with plenty to choose from. Mixes well with both milk and water. It fills me up for a good few hours which is great on busy days. Definitely recommend

The Scoop
Megan Carey (Auckland, NZ)
The Scoop on the Scoop

Excellent quality, nice long handle for easy use and great price at half price

Unflavoured Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Anna Preece (Christchurch, NZ)

Need more time to answer that question

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Julie Goodman (Auckland, NZ)
Natural Pea Protein


Natural Pea Protein 1 KG
Mona Jobanputra (Christchurch, NZ)

Natural Pea Protein 1 KG