10 Ways To Use Protein Powder

10 Ways To Use Protein Powder

10 things to do with protein powder

Getting bored with drinking the same old protein shakes day after day? We’ve got you – there are heaps of different ways to incorporate protein powder into your diet and into your cooking. We’ve put together some of our favourite sweet and savoury ways to get more protein into your diet, one scoop at a time. Bonus – you could also add our Unflavoured Marine Collagen to any of these ideas as well to get your daily collagen boost as well!


Adding a scoop of your favourite flavoured protein to your instant or overnight oats is a quick way to make a super nutritious (and delicious) breakfast or afternoon snack. We really like to use our Rich Chocolate Natural Pea Protein and then top with greek or coconut yoghurt for a decadent dessert-like brekkie. For the colder weather, baked oats are also a great option. Check out our soul-warming recipe for Blueberry Baked Protein Oats here.


Protein pancakes have been a super popular way to use protein powder for a while for one simple reason – they are delicious. They’re also really flexible with their ingredients, so it’s very easy to change them to suit any diet or preference. We’re a huge fan of protein pancakes, so we have a few recipes to choose from - try Hannah’s PB&J Pancakes for a hit of sweet and salty, Cherry Ripe Pancakes for a more dessert-like treat, or use our standard Protein Pancakes recipe to build off and make your own delicious creation.

Baked Treats

Having a sweet treat doesn’t need to be something you make yourself feel guilty for. Healthier treats that have a protein powder boost make amazing mid-afternoon snacks for that 3pm crash. If you need some inspiration, try these recipes for our Cookie Dough Protein Bar, Chocolate-Caramel Centre Protein Muffins, and Mocha Protein Bliss Balls – yum!

Smoothies & Smoothie Bowls

For an easy breakfast staple, you can’t go past the humble smoothie. Throw all the things you love into a blender with a serving of Noode Pea Protein (whatever flavour you’re feeling that day) and you’re ready for the day! We love the flavour combos of Madelene's Super Smoothie. If you’re looking for something a little more grammable, why not try a smoothie bowl? We love the taste and the aesthetic of Hannah’s Salted Caramel Smoothie Bowl and Tropical Smoothie Bowl. If you do create something worthy of the ‘gram, make sure you tag us @noodenz, we love seeing your creations!


You may have noticed the influx of protein yoghurts at the supermarket over the past couple of years, and noticed the inflated price tag that normally goes with them. The good news is, this is super easy to make yourself and cut out the ‘health & wellness food surcharge’. Simple mix in a serving of Noode Unflavoured Pea Protein to your favourite flavour of yogurt and voila! You’ve got a fancy high protein food ready to go. You can also add any of our Flavoured Pea Protein varieties to plain yogurt for a yummy refined-sugar free snack – salted caramel yogurt for afternoon tea anyone?

Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a protein-packed and refined-sugar free hot cup of cocoa by mixing one serving of Noode Rich Chocolate Natural Pea Protein with water or a milk of your choice (we love almond!) and heat up on the stove until nice and warm. This makes a great post-workout beverage, especially on chilly evenings! Bonus - you could also add a shot of coffee for the perfect morning mocha with a protein boost.

Mashed Potatoes

This is a weird one, we’ll admit. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Simply mix Noode Unflavoured Pea Protein into a serving of mashed potato and you’ve got a soul-warming side dish that packs a protein punch! (Gallon of butter optional.)

Pasta Sauce

An easy to way to boost your protein with a simple pasta dish - chuck some protein powder in your sauce! You can easily mix Noode Unflavoured Pea Protein into pre-made pasta sauce jars, but we recommend finding a simple recipe and making your own. The protein powder also works great as a natural thickener for your sauce. Just add some wholegrain pasta and some veges and you’ve got the easiest nutritious meal ever.

Scrambled Eggs

While eggs are already a great high protein food source, they can easily be made even better with a serving of Noode Unflavoured Pea Protein whisked into them to make the ultimate post-workout meal, or hearty breakfast before a big day.

Salad Dressing

This is such a simple way to beef up a salad for lunch – just mix Noode Unflavoured Pea Protein with white vinegar (or lemon), olive oil, salt and pepper for a super simple, protein-packed salad dressing. Easy as! You can also get fancy and add different ingredients to change it up, like wholegrain mustard, honey, or smoked paprika.

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